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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

MTV - Break the Addiction

Launched Earth Day 2006 (April 22nd), Break the Addiction is think MTV's year-long campaign to mobilize a new generation of everyday environmental activists. Aimed at ending global warming and over-consumption, Break the Addiction works with the largest environmental organizations in the country to encourage young people to commit to a 12-step recovery program to change their habits and, in turn, change their world.

We spoke with Ian Rowe, VP of Strategic Partnerships & Public affairs.


Break the Addiction Campaign
Simple steps to preserve the environment & fight global warming

Current Action:

Tips for young people, through TV, mobile phones, email, and web.
Competitions for Breaking the Addiction
Green Technologies and Careers

Future Action:

Expand current Avenues
New segments on daily life and political context, issue awareness.



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